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The birth of a pumpkin
Flowers and plants
Heinz and Maria´s worldwide travels have undoubtedly influenced Heinz´s eyes for all things beautiful. From the snow-clad landscapes of Austria and Switzerland to the peoples of South America, Heinz´s photography has been a vehicle for creative expression of his experiences.
Arriving to the United States in 1980, the Gartlgrubers have lived throughout the Country, and have most recently made Princeton, New Jersey their home.

Renowned for stunning portraits of Florida water birds, Heinz and Maria spent countless hours scanning Tampa Bay or paddling down Florida´s rivers in search of the perfect subject.

Heinz´s unique vision is reflected in a new series of fine art prints which draw their inspiration from the colors, textures, forms and reflections of nature. Through an art form known as macro photography, Heinz has brought the simplest of subjects to new light-a tiny leaf, a flower´s petal or a droplet of water.

Heinz and Maria produce each custom-crafted print in their own darkroom-a rare talent amongst photographers. Each enlargement is created using Ilfochrome Deluxe material (formerly known as Cibachrome)- a unique bleach dye process which yields these richly saturated color prints. The images are printed individually by hand to ensure the highest quality.

Gartlgruber´s nature and fine art photography is truly a feast for the eyes and makes a wonderful addition to a residence or a corporate environment.

H&M Gartlgruber, Nature and Fine Art Photography

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