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Born 1943 in Graz / Austria

1960-1963 training as a laboratory assistant at the Technical University in Graz, specialty paper and pulp technology.

1964-1967 training as an actor at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz.
From 1967-1973 engagements at various theaters, radio and television in Berlin and the Federal Republic Germany.

From 1973 due to the 68- year voluntary termination of my career as an actor,
of the boards " mean the world " on the boards behind the counter as tappers and waiter ,
cleaner in the restaurant until 2009.
I still love the theater.

From 1975 exchange of creative expression to painting and various printing techniques.
Music, piano, guitar, flute, blues harp.

Since 1978 Member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists, Künstlerhaus Bethanien.
From 1985, a new life, meditation, traveling.

1984 Christmas exhibition Künstlerhaus Bethanien
1985 Galerie Moderne in Styrian Graz
1990-1992 Kunstkontor Grewe, Hamburg
since 2000 own Internet gallery: www.galeriegartlgruber.de
2004 City Library Karow / Berlin
2006 Gallery in Villa Well Arte / Berlin
2008 Schloss Hohenstein
2008 Volksbank Frohnau / Berlin
2008 Gallery - Brunow passage / Berlin
Exhibitions in various coffee house galleries
Private sales

Publications in German Oshotimes 
Edition Jan. 2002, Okt.2012, Okt.2017